02 January 2007


"Every Man makes a mistake, none but a fool repeats it" has always been my favourite saying. And of late, i think i have became a fool ! For the second time, i lost my spectacles box in a flight. The previous time was on a flight from LA to Hong Kong, and this time, it was on a flight from Houston to Mexico. Except for the fact that i don't need it that desperately as i am not doing any train travel in the near future, ( i would need it when i go to sleep ;-)), nothing else gives me any sort of reassurance on having lost it !
And then, Mexico is a typical desert like climate. Days are mildly hot and nights are cold. But, having a 8km run in the freezing 8 degrees centigrade early morning weather beats the shit out of anything else !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:24 PM


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