02 February 2007


After watching Azhwar, the latest Ajith movie, i was particularly pleased for a few reasons.

1. Unlike many tamil movies which tend to stereotype Brahmans as meek and submissive, this one has actually shown a Brahman being transformed into someone who tries to avenge a wrong committed to him.

2. The Police inspector gives out a neat justification for arresting the Hero. "All the people whom you have killed are criminals. We should have done that job. We are still arresting you, as we want to convey the message that no one should take law into their own hands." Again, a deviation from the normal Tamil movie practice which glorifies people who take matters into their own hands.

3. Surprisingly, Ajith looks and plays the part of a Brahman quite well. Is it because of his Palakkad roots ?

4. Finally, the disappointment was that there were traces of Ghajini in some of the scenes. Faux pas by the director ?

Overall, i would say that this is a movie that is worth watching once.


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Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:17 PM


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