24 January 2007

Sandisk Sansa E-280 Mp3 Player

I now posses a Sandisk Sansa E280 Mp3 player. Perhaps one of the most important reason why i got this player is that it also has an FM receiver. That apart, it is also pretty cheaper when compared to a 8GB iPod as this one costs me just 150$USD.

But wait. The comparisons end there. The product finish is not exactly the quality you get in iPod. The wheel which they have copied from iPod, is very very flaky. The quality of the piece leaves much to be desired. And the player has crashed twice already. I think it needs some firmware upgrade or something. Surprisingly, most of the reviews have given it a good rating. I for one, don't think that this is a very good player or whatsoever. For the money that you pay, you are due for a better product. Worse is the fact that there is no cable provided to recharge. I had to get one at an extra 20$. How bad can this get ? You give a 8GB player and expect people to run to their computers to charge it ? Jackass.

The sound quality is pretty good. But the FM receiver is not all that great. In building corners, there is signal distortion. I will try doing a firmware upgrade before deciding that i have wasted 150$ :-(.
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Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 3:44 AM


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