18 January 2007

Living in Monterrey - 3

Continuing on my previous post, here is one more about getting around in Monterrey. Most taxis here are pretty okay, but some of them are the proverbial rotten apples. In case a taxi guy does not switch on the meter, do not get into it. Chances are that he will drop you off nowhere near to the place you want to go and charge you extra for it.

Case in Point : I tried to take a taxi yesterday and with the limited Spanish (actually nothing) that i knew, tried to tell him where i wanted to go. When the driver started telling me (in his limited English which was actually nothing), that due to heavy traffic he wanted 10 pesos extra, being schooled in the autos of madras and bangalore, i though its kind of okay. But when he pretended not to know the place where i wanted to go, and said he will drop me off elsewhere, i did the thing we usually do; get down and fight with him, pay him some token amount and walk away.

I was in a mood to tell him: யார்கிட்ட ? என்னாது இது சிறு புல்ல தனமா இருக்கு ரஸ்கல் ! ;-)

So the moral of the story is, Do not take the taxi if he does not switch on the meter and till such time you know the route very well, do not take taxis itself. You can manage with the buses. They are in plenty. There are instances where people i know have been cheated with double fares and still more instances when they had been shown the town in all glory and splendor, when the actual distance that needs to be traveled was just a few kilometers.
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