06 January 2007

Living In Monterrey Mexico - 2

Continuing on my Earlier post about living in Monterrey Mexico, here are some more observations.

There is a local preparation called Tamales which is usually served on February 2nd. So what's unusual about that ? Well January 6th is widely celebrated here as the wise kings day. It is celebrated by cutting cake, and if you get a doll in your cake you will have to treat your friends to Tamales on Febraury 2nd. More details on the reason for a Tamales party can be found Here.

Now Tamales is by itself a pretty interesting dish. You first bake corn and mash it out. Once you do that, you then take either baked beans or beef or chicken as a roll, and wrap some mashed corn around it. Then you steam it in a pressure cooker, which i guess the guys here call it a "Steamer". A full recipie can be found Here. You have it with some spicy chilli sauce. The best part of a tamales party is that it allows an opportunity for the ladies of the household to mingle and socialize while the menfolk feast themselves on it. Of course, needless to say, no party is complete without Tequila.

And corruption is a pretty prevalant phenomenon here. In fact, the local newspapers have started an anti-corruption drive and have started doing sting operations. The best part however, is that the local seem to have taken it into the stride and call it an adjustment ;-) Now that is pretty close to the Indian way of life !!

And there seems to be no reasons to have parties. They are held for anything and everything !

More posts as and when i encounter stuff.
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Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 7:37 PM


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    Gracias Senor ;-)

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