10 January 2007

Yen Chella Peru Apple

Mirchi Suchi (RJ of Radio Mirchi 98.3FM in Chennai), has a pretty interesting voice. Listen to her in the song "Yen Chella Peru Apple" Here, Especially when she says the lines "ஜில் ஜில் ஜில் ஹாற்மோனேகல்" (Jil Jil Jil Harmonegal). Oh boy, she does have a very interesting voice.
That aside, a little birdie tells me that this song might have Mumaith Khan, the current "Item Song" queen ! And this Movie is not releasing where i live. Can anyone sponsor a return ticket for me from Monterrey, Mexico to Chicago ?? உங்கள்கு நூறு கோடி புண்ணியம் ஆகும்.
Tags: Illaya Thalapathi Vijay, Pokkiri

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 3:40 AM


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