26 January 2007

The Matrix & Hindu Philosophy

After yet another viewing of the Matrix (The first part), the more i think about it, the more i get to understand the fact that it is so much based on the Hindu philosophy.
Picture this:
1. In Hindu philosophy "The One" (typically in reference to Brahmins) refers to that person who fully understand that the world around him is in effect a virtual world or maya. The same is the case in Matrix

2. The concept of a supreme being (In Hindu philosophy's case Brahma/Vishnu) being everywhere and anywhere. Lookout when Lawrence Fishburne says "The Matrix there everywhere and anywhere".

3. In fact, the entire thought process that we all live in a virtual world seems to be heavily inspired.

4. I particularly liked the conversation that happens in the ship just after Neo is liberated (BTW, Neo is an anagram for "One"). The youngest member of the crew, Mouse, asks some really interesting questions in the dining table. How do computers know taste that they fed that taste into humans ? They fed some arbitrary taste thougths to the humans and hence, they think this is how an item must taste! On a similar plane, how do we recognize those tastes ? In fact, when everything around the world is virtual, how can we claim anything for surety ? Some interesting thoughts can occur to one if he/she starts thinking along those lines.

These analogies are just a tip of the iceberg. Throughout the movie, i could find hundreds of instances where there are references to Hindu Philosophy.

I think there are some kind of references to these kind in Christianity. I am not particularly sure of them though, nor am i about any other religion.

But overall, i think The Hindu philosophy makes for some interesting reading. As my grandfather used to say "Philosophy is a way of life and hence, read it when you are young and impressionable. There is no point in reading books on philosophy when you are post sixty. You don't have much life to live anyway;-)". And once you have even a little bit of understanding about it, you will start living life by the minute. Trust me. I speak from personal experience ;-)

As they say, packaging is everything. Post this movie, a lot more number of people have started taking note of Hindu philosophies and why, even books have been written about the connection between this movie and Hindu Philosophy.

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Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 1:48 AM


  1. Blogger Ed Vis posted at Monday, June 25, 2007 at 10:34:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    Shyam, What you wrote about Matrix is very true.

    Few years ago, my two teenager sons were watching this movie again and again and that is the reason why I happened to watch this movie.

    Then only I realized this movie has a lot to do with Hindu Upanishad teachings, specially with the teachiings of Lord Krishna in Bahgavad Gita.

    For many elders this movie is a big turn off but for people who can see though this movie, it speaks volumes. It speaks about the awesome power of the Maya [illusion].

    Just like you wrote, When Krishna was questioned by Arjuna about the creation, only answer Krishna gave is

    “Through my Maya, I create this creation in the beginning of time and at the end of time, this creation merges with in me.”

    Lord Krishna states, man is deluded by the MAYA and only by transcending MAYA [illuison] man can attain self-realization.

    God creates everything through MAYA [illusion]…

    Now man has started creating everything through MAYA [illusion.]

    Vedanta Sutra states all happiness and unhappiness is in the BRAIN.

    Apart from that both Patanjalai as well as Vashista have written YOGA-UNION WITH GOD means STOPPAGE OF METAL VIBRATIONS.

    After all what is SELF REALIZATION? Realizing one is the immortal soul within and not the perishable body.

    Electromagnetic pulses in the human brain are behind everything we do. Our thoughts and mind are just products of the human brain activity.


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