09 February 2007

Weather in Mexico

Many a times, people ask me about the weather in Mexico. Since i have not been to other parts of Mexico, i cannot pass any judgments. However, let me give you a sample of the Weather in Monterrey today.

4.45 AM. It is around 18 degrees outside and clear sky.

5.15 AM. A mild fog envelopes the city and temperature drop to 10 degrees.

5.45 AM. It starts drizzling mildly.

7.15 AM. Most roads are properly wet and the road outside my house has ankle deep water. Temperature is around 10 Degrees and yes, the air outside has a chill to it.

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, should give you a fair idea of Weather in Monterrey, Mexico.


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Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:57 PM


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