17 July 2007


In case you did not know, pirated versions of Harry Potter's final installment is getting ready in the streets of India and maybe, China too.

However, before jumping to any kind of conclusions, think of this.

The manuscript is being prepared in London (I assume this, since Rowling lives there) and is being sent to many stores throughout the world under heavy security. If the leak did not happen at the source, i.e., the place where the manuscript was being printed or where it was being written, where else could it have happened ?

Now, what is the point in blaming India, China or for that matter, any country for this leak ?

The fault, without any doubt, lies at the source. So, a sincere piece of suggestion to the so-called western countries to first set their houses in order, before blaming others.



Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 7:39 AM


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