13 September 2007


In the early 90's there used to be these B grade movies dished out on an weekly and sometimes, on a monthly basis by Arjun. In almost all his movies he used to have an, at that time unknown, musician called Vidhyasagar. It is a different issue that today Vidhyasagar has composed music for a Superstar movie and is now fairly popular. Anyway, that is beside the point here.

Some of the songs dished out by Vidhyasagar for Arjun's movies were fairly well received. Remember the "Malarae Mounama" and "Bodhai Yeri Pochu" from Karna ?

One of those movie for Arjun which he scored was "Sengottai". It starred Rambha and Meena. It had some unknown songs like "Paaru Paaru", extolling the virtues of Indian culture, and so on. One such relatively unknown gem, which I recently unearthed from that movie, is this song "Ucchi Mudhal Padham Varai". It has Hariharan and someone called Malathi or Mahathi accompanying him. Notice how thick and amazing "God" Hariharan's voice is ! In fact, notice how beautifully he sings some aalapanas. The female destroys some basic pronunciation, but yet is manageable.

The song starts off with a nice flute piece and flows into the main pallavi beautifully. Also notice how the instruments in the second stanza blends in with the lyrics. Vidhyasagar and Hariharan are in their elements in this song ! Overall an amazing piece of work by Vidhyasagar.


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