24 October 2007

Geek Status

Current Status:

1. Trying out Kubuntu 7.10 on my MacBook pro, using, no not Parallels, but, Virtual Box.

First Look:
I am almost sure that I cannot get the eye candy and other things under virtualization, but I am more interested in the new tick-less kernel and the applications/manifestations it can have, towards Dynamic Voltage Scaling, something I worked on when I was a graduate student in IISc.

2. Fiddling around with some code for Firefox memory management, based on a suggestion I made in their wiki sometime ago. Hopefully, the results should be out sometime this weekend. I still feel that the memory usage is perhaps, the main issue with Firefox.

3. After around seven months since I started some work on my project towards migrating to a new set of libraries, it is finally complete. Yeah, seven months is pathetically slow, but then again, living in Mexico, which essentially is a partying place, makes things a tad more difficult ;-). The next release should hopefully have the code changes that were made.


PS: No, I hate Gnome and hence, no Ubuntu for me.

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