14 October 2007


It was in 1992 that these songs, along with a few more, including the "raunchy" "yeppadi, yeppadi" took Tamilnadu by storm. There were/are no logical reasons for these songs taking the state by storm. These were blaring out from every local tea kadai's, the newly launched FM stations, the new launched DD metro channel, and even the 7.30PM to 8.30PM vividh barathi tamil songs broadcast.

Was it because of Prabhu Deva, or was it because of Deva who was trying to assert himself and his status as a musician to reckon with, no one would know. Rahman had not yet entered the industry at that point.

But yet, it still remains a largely unanswered question.

Check out the songs to see if you can make any reason out of it !


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