25 September 2007


And so, earlier in this blog, I had cribbed about Sandisk Sansa E280's FM receiver quality.

After due procrastination, I finally did a firmware upgrade this weekend. Even though it was in beta, I upgraded to 1.03.01H, links for which I found in this site (Requires sign-up).

Well, I can hear people saying that it is not good to upgrade to beta versions. But, considering the fact that we live in a Web2.0 era, I guess it is cool to call anything and everything as Beta ;-)

Anyway, the first thing I notice after an upgrade is that the quality of FM receiver has gone up. FM now works fairly well. Another important thing I observe is that the sound quality has improved a lot, and the player sounds nice. Listening to "King" Illayaraja on this rocks big time now.

So, in case you own a Sandisk Sansa E250 series, and have not yet upgraded, well, it is time to do so.


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Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:42 PM


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