18 September 2007


I was actually dumb stuck when I was asked this question. "What would you have been if you were not in your current job now" ?

As long as I was in school, I wanted to become a Doctor. I always used to think that that was _the_ profession (it still is, BTW) where you have an opportunity to make a difference to people across caste, creed, religion and wealth lines.

Yeah, when I completed my graduation, I could have become a MBA guy. But then again, it stuck me that management is nothing but common sense and hence, spending two years to refine what you should have already known, (may be, apart from knowing how to analyze balance sheets) seemed like a colossal waste of time !

And hence, you see this part time nerd, some time geek, and almost all the time "trying to do something for that elusive killer idea so that I can retire and see the world", person around you ;-)

The more time I spend in this software field, the more I get convinced that whatever we do does not make any sort of impact on the man who is walking on the road. Okay, with some exceptions like Mobile phones and such. I think that remains the bigger challenge -- how to make the advancements in technology useful to the common man. Could that become my killer idea ;-) Time will tell.


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