16 September 2007

HDR Experiments

My tryst with HDR.


This was taken in Niagara falls when I went there along with a cousin of mine. Niagara, as such is a shitty place. It was totally polluted with Indians living in USA and Canada who, as is their wont, came there with baskets of food, parked themselves in the park, opened their baskets and littered all around the place.

Most of the places to eat there were Indian restaurants, serving some decent food. The hostel where we were supposed to stay somehow did not get the online intimation of our reservation and hence, we were forced to stay in a hostel next door. It was not all that convenient though. But considering the fact that we were staying for just a night, it wasn't all that a problem though !

You can view the rest of my Niagara pictures here

It wasn't all that an interesting trip and neither was it a totally boring one. The falls was quite nice, but as is the wont with everything American, there was too much hype. The view of the falls are indeed much better from the Canadian side.

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