02 September 2008

GiveLife Chennai Marathon ??

1. Solid political and financial backing for the Marathon. Check.
2. Huge media blitz. Check.
3. Unprecedented prize money. Check.
4. Organizers who seemed to be responsive to e-mails from Chennai Runners. Check.
5. Organizers who changed the start time from 8.00AM to 6.30AM. Check.


1. Late arrival of VIP's delaying the start. Check.
2. Lack of water points along running route. Check.
3. Over enthusiastic college kids aiming for prize money without sufficient practice. Check.
4. Lack of communication to public as to the rigors of running 21kms without enough practice. Check.
5. Total confusion at the finishing point. Check.
6. No proper mechanisms to distribute certificates to finishers. Check.
7. Incorrect trail, Check. My GPS watch tells me that we ran a good 500mts less that what we were supposed to.

That's how the Givelife Chennai Marathon was held this weekend. Sadly, it took away the life of one of the participants. So, Givelife actually became take-life.

Any member from the Chennai Runners group would only be more than willing to help the organizers conduct a Marathon. After all, if we do not do this for the city that we love, whom else will we do it for ?

The Madbulls (Royal Enfield motorcycling group) guys must be thanked for volunteering to help with water and acting as pilots for the run.


PS: I completed the 21k in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:45 AM


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