02 December 2008

Point to Ponder

I am quite sure that this post may have its fair share of hate mails. But then again, this blog exists for the sole purpose of venting out my puke and hence, here it goes.

The Malegaon blasts happened sometime back. A female sadhu was arrested. She is being put to trail. Almost all the news channels went to town claiming that the perpetrators were Hindu terrorists. In fact, if my memory serves me right, there were quite a few news broadcasters who were worried that this would cast a slur on the "secular" status of India.

Now, we have this Bombay blasts. The media is going to town saying terrorists from Pakistan are behind this. Now, why not label this Muslim terrorism ?

If a BJP comes to power, it is not a secular party, but when Congress comes to power and blasts happen all over the country (eight to my count, including Bombay), obviously committed by Muslim terrorists, the secular fabric of the country is still being maintained, simply because a secular party is ruling the country. I think the media is more interested in saying whether we are secular or not, rather than ensuring the security and safety of the people country.

As long as a policy of minority appeasement is followed, no one is safe in this country. Note that I am not advocating suppression or oppression of the minorities. We just need to give them whatever is due to them and not go out of the way to make their life comfortable. The government and the media must maintain a balanced stand while dealing with terror.

A case in point here is Mohammed Afzal. It was proved beyond any doubt that he was behind the bombing of our parliament. He was given death sentence by the Supreme court of India. However, the sentence is yet to be carried out. What kind of message does this send across ? Point to ponder. If we are not tough on terrorists, they would be tough on us. As simple as that.


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