21 September 2009

Co-Incidence ?

2003 - I travel all the way from San Diego to Virginia in February to meet up with a classmate from School. We hang out in Washington D.C the first day. The remaining two days are buried under snow. History's second worst snow storm, the President's day snow storm catches up with us.

2009 - I am now in Atlanta and it has its worst floods in 30 years. The lake behind my office is full to the brim.

A word of caution to all drivers on the road: Most of your cars, in addition to the "D" on the gear shit panel, would also have a "L" and/or an "I". While you would not even know what it is to be used for, use it now. It would increase the torque on your engine, thereby keeping the water out of your exhaust pipes. The easiest way to prevent your cars from skidding, or getting your exhaust system flooded with water, is to provide your engines with higher torque. I saw at-least 3 cars skid off the road into the gravel today morning.


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 6:00 PM


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