28 January 2010


An empty winding road in the hills. Fog and mist shrouded morning. You are on a bicycle pedaling away slowly, whistling to yourself and listening to all the birds around you.

And then on an impulse, you switch on your music player. A slight drizzle begins.

As if by magic, this song comes on in your player.

Forget the video. Close your eyes and just listen to the song alone. The wonderful guitar, the amazing drums, a musical arrangement which I think has no equal. Heck, just listen to the manner in which the song opens. And yes, above all, the magical voice of S.P.Balasubramaniam.

For that instant, you are transported to heaven. Straight away.

Who else can do this, other than king Illayaraja ?


PS: I may not be doing justice to the way I felt when I heard this song, or the situation in which I heard the song. But then again, somethings are meant to be felt and not explained.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:34 AM


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