24 September 2010

Mistaken Identity

And so yesterday, I was returning back home in my Maruthi car. The car has totally darkened windows and a fairly large portion of the windshield is tinted too.

I was having a minor problem with my ear and the itching was fairly un-bearable.

Suddenly, there was a cop near my window, on a motorcycle, barking at me to slow down. I did, even though I did not know why he was asking me to do so.

What follows is an exchange between me and the cop

Cop: Pay up 1500 Rs fine.
Me; Why ? What did I do ? I even have me seat belt on.
Cop: I shouted at you in the signal for talking on your mobile while driving, and I have chased you for almost one kilometer. (At this moment I wanted to reply back like vadivelu in the movie Kandasamy -- Unga judgment Romba Thappu!!)
Me: Sir, I have problem with my ear. It is itching.
Cop: Don't act smart. In the meanwhile, some arbitrary fellow stops is motorcycle next to my car and tells the cop that I have been talking on my mobile for quite sometime.
Cop: See even the public have noticed you.
Me: No public or private business, I was not talking on my mobile. It is not even there in my hands, and it is in my pocket.
Cop: Show me your license.
Me: Take it. He inspects it and is satisfied that I have a license.
Cop: No, I am not convinced, am I lying ?
Me: No, you are not lying, but you did not notice it properly.
Cop is still hesitating.
Me: Switching to local tamil. Anna, trust me. I am not lying, nor are you lying. You did not notice it properly. The glasses are tinted and so is the windshield. There are a lot of cars on the road like this.
Cop: Hesitates and gives back the license.
Me (in a lighter vein): Look around you, lots of guys are speeding, and not wearing helmet. Stop them quick.

The cop goes away.


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:30 AM


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    Hmm a good Cop in Chennai - a rare sighting
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