27 October 2010


There is a verse in a in Tamil song --நாத்திகத்தை பேசிட நாக்கு தந்தது யாரடி ?? meaning, who gave the power of speech and tongue to Atheists ?

Freedom of speech, or in general, freedom to do anything has its limits. Freedom always has a price. It assumes that the person who is going to use that freedom understands the situation in which he/she is in, and exercises that freedom with caution. Remember the words -- With great power comes great responsibility ?

The recent Arundathi Roy incidents are a fine example of utter callousness and totally irresponsible behavior. Granted that she has freedom to speak her mind and all that, being a so called "intellectual" and "thinker" she needs to understand the environment and the surroundings in which she is in, before making such silly and highly controversial statements.

Further, she speaks assuming herself to be the voice of the entire people of the Kashmir valley. When a person thinks of him/herself as a self proclaimed messiah of the masses, hubris is bound to occur, and this is a fine example.

Such inflammatory statements would do nothing towards solving the bigger problem at hand, but would only provide fodder for the extremists, and "sound bytes" for the hungry yellow journalists .(all ye folks from Times Now, CNN-IBN, Headlines Today, The Hindu, e.t.c., raise your hands now!!)

The Government of India, and the people of Kashmir would do well to ignore such silly and childish remarks from arm-chair intellectuals and moronic thinkers.


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:00 AM


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