07 April 2005

That Personal Touch

I wanted a service from a bank.So before deciding which bank to go into i called up a few banks.
A brief conversation :
Me : Hello Is this Bank A ?
{A nice sounding female voice :-) } : Yes Sir.
Me : I want some details about x,y,z etc etc
THAT voice : blah blah
{After few minutes of talk Me hangs up }

Now with another bank
Me: Is this Bank B ?
{A Male voice}: Yes Sir.
Me: I want some details about x,y,z etc etc
Voice : May i know ur full name Sir ?
Me : { Totally pissed off as to why he wants my name when that female could have asked it !} Shyam
Voice : Shyam What sir ?
Me : { Totally grumpy } Shyam Krishnaswamy
Voice : So ur from madras is it ?
Me : Slightly excited Yes
Voice : Im too. Madrasla yenga ? { Meaning where in madras ? }
Me : { Now totally enthusiastic } Im from blah blah
Voice : Oh good.Im from Blah Blah etc etc
After 5 minutes we are still not at what i want to know but we are discussing how to make it to chandramukhi's first day first show { rajinikanth's latest movie } in bangalore
Me : So what about that thing i wanted to know
Voice : Sure.Take it.Blah Blah

No prizes for guessing which bank's service im going to take.I think this is what they mean by personal touch !
Sometimes it pays to do that little bit more when you are in service sector.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:35 AM


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