28 June 2005

Heights of selflessness

What would you do if you are the only child of your parents ? What would happen if you are say a lady who is wedded to a person and gets transfered to a place which is totally alien to you ? You might get accustomed/adjusted to the sourroundings right ?
On the other hand when you see that you are sitting totally idle at home twiddling your thumbs and have nothing to do what will happen ?
Oh ok the questions are many but there is one such lady the daughter of industrialist TTK Srinivasan { who ? } called usha srinivasan.
So why is this lady in prominence now ?
She started an NGO to help the women folk of bihar stand on their own feet, made a hell lot of difference to their lives that she was voted the "woman of the year" in 2004.
Oh and she lived in the hindi heartland all these years and she did not know a word of that language.Still she lived with the locals and gelled so well with the locals that the language was never a
problem !
She passed away a few days ago ! In death too she was revolutionary, in a sense that she willed that he only child, her daughter should perfom the last rites instead of her husband.
These kind of quite and silent women who create a change in the lives of ordinary people, is the need of the hour.Not those who make bold and brash statements and still who end up doing nothing !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:30 AM


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