06 July 2005

sorgamae endralum adhu

Those were the days when maestro raja came up with some stunning songs for worhtless people ! example is that useless rascal ramarajan also called pasu-nesan { lover of cow :-) } he invariably had a cow for company in all his movies !
some of the stunners that maestro pulled of were
1. madura marikozhundu vaasam - enga ooru paatukaran
2. shenbagame shenbagame - from enga oorupaatukaran again
3. almost all songs from the movie karakattakaran !

Oh well im not going to talk about those songs.
I did hear this song called sorgamae endralum from the movie oora vittu oora vandhu.
I said Raja had this habit of stunners for worthless people right ? This song is probably one of those examples.This stunning song is set in pure hamsanadham and yet sounds so very folkish!, has some brilliant orchestration and probably one of those rare songs for which raja's voice blends well {oh discount the high pitch will u?}. There are so many songs which he lends his voice to and ultimately mauls it ;-). example : the song "valli valli ena vandhan" from the movie deivavakku.coming back to this song check out the way it opens and the way it gradually moves into high pitch. stunning and simply mind blowing ! Oh well the beauty of raja's music is simply this : if you are a conoissuer of carnatic music you will find that he has stuck to the basics so well and if you are layman then it would simply be foot tapping.However if you are a half baked { neither here nor there } like yours truly, then what you would be is bewildered ! you would be left thinking how did this guy manage to pull this off !!

I Will digress a little bit here :
It was around the middle of the year 2001.My roommate has just then got a guitar and i started fiddling around with it.I had seen him struggle with it while it came up quite effortlessly to me.In one of those saturday evening jaunts in my other friends house i started fiddling around with their guitars.Then my friend told me this : why dont u try carnatic on guitar ? carnatic and that too on guitar ? anyway after some prodding i did check up on "God" Prasanna and then fully inspired i started hunting for schools to teach me ! I was a complete novice in carnatic music, at best i was confined to film music.That too rahman-mania was at its peak time too.After hunting all around banaglore i finally got someone to teach me.
Imagine to my amazement when he said me this: To get a feel of pure carnatic music and how it can be used listen to raja's early songs ! The teacher was a kannadiga, does not understand even a word of tamil, and he tells me the best way to analyze music after a point is to listen to raja's songs and try to dissect it ! such is the greatness of that maestro !

So why is this song running in my mind now ? well the lines are right there folks : the song says "even if it is heaven, can it equal my hometown ?" ;-)
and the second line says "whatever be the nation can it be the same as my nation".ah but that is not the punch line.the third and the fourth lines are : "all the languages that are spoken around the world; can it equal the sweetness of tamil !!"
Come back raja.Atleast give away your DNA for cloning ;-) Rahman is just a 50% of u ! The rest including your sons are just worthless pedestrains !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:19 AM


  1. Anonymous koundamani posted at Wednesday, July 6, 2005 at 12:16:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    What HAPPENED to Ilayaraja's Symphony?

    No mention in Royal Philharmonic orchestra webpage ??

    enna pail-ah illa *rejected-ah ?


  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, July 7, 2005 at 5:16:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    I totally agree!!! The king uses the simplest raagams (maya mayava gowla, kalyani, shivaranjani, and sindhu bhairavi) and comes up with the simplest numbers. Thats why his music will live on forever

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