06 November 2005

sivakasi a review

Q: What do you do with a wafer thin storyline { okay almost non existent }, a stunning heroine, some good locales and dappankuthu music ?
A: Rope in wannabe superstar vijay, add some punch dialogues, some sentiment, some sidekicks and make a concoction out of it and serve it.
Q: What happens to the above concoction ?
A: Heh it runs for 250 days atleast, cements vijay's place firmly, the audience have total paisa vasool and the producer guffaws his way to the bank ;-)
Well that is the star power for you guys !
Ok i will dispense with telling the story ! There is nothing of it. But every frame has vijay in it either emoting or dancing or wisecracking.
He will no doubt have to tone down the chauvnistic dialougues if he has to appeal to the urbane audience. Then again he still has age on his side so he can definitely do it !
Ah since i titled this post as a review let me give the story in full.
Vijay an orphan, is a welder by profession in madras. He attracts the attention of heroine Asin. Asin falls for him. When her brothers try to reason out with him to accept some of their property, he beats them up black and blue. Asin gives him lecture on paasam and then thalai reveals that he is not an orphan and he has a family in his village and he ran away from it. So urged by the heroine he goes back to his village and finds that his elder brother { prakash raj } is ill treating his mother and sister. How he brings the smile back on the face of his mother and sister is what forms the rest of the story.
The director has heavily banked on vijay to deliver and he does not disappoint. I have always maintained that from movie to movie, he shows improvement in every department. Be it acting or dancing or emoting. His dances in this movie are nothing short of stunning. Asin needs to improve in this front. Asin comes good easily in emoting, but should refrain from too many closeup shots which reveal her freckled face.
The nayanathara special number kicks some real butt ! No not her though. The way vijay dances through in that song and the "diwali" number ;-)
References to superstar lineage are abundant in the movie. Note the point where he dances with MGR and Rajini ! That sums it all up.
Srikanth deva has tried out the songs and the background score. The songs are total dappankuthu ones. However "Idhu enna" sung by harish raghavendran and uma ramanan has some semblance of melody in it! The background score ? Who noticed it ;-) Thalai was all over the place !
Vijay is the definitive answer to the next superstar lineage. But tone down a but thalai. You do need to watch your dialogues if you need a global audience.
Finally please refrain from going anywhere near this movie if you have absolutely no idea of the way the thalai {formula} movies work !
PS: If this is in total contrast the way i write reviews in general, it should not be hard to guess the reason i think :-)

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