28 March 2006

Puthham Pudhu Kaalai

There are some songs where you feel the situation of the song. For example if it were an early morning song, you will feel amidst that early morning warmth mixed with the laziness of the night's sleep.
And who better to put you in that situation other than "God" Illayaraja ?
Check out the song "Puttham Pudhu" from here, for some mesmerising flute pieces and amazing violin interludes.
I think the flute was being played by Arunmozhi of the song "Naan Yenbahu Nee allavo" from the movie "Soorasamharam". Coz if i remember right, i read somewhere that the flautist in Illayaraja's band was indeed Arunmozhi.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:13 AM


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