17 April 2006

Firefox memory usage

Perhaps the most visible crib against firefox is that it hogs up too much of memory and it does not free it up and all kinds of stuff.
For my part, i tried recompiling with maximum optimizations to see what can be done.
I tried it for different kinds of hardware and operating systems.
For windows : Use the optimization flags Oxs -G7 -GA -GL -arch:SSE2 for a pentium 4 system. Most importantly *do not* build a static build. use the options "ac_add_option --disable-static" and "ac_add_options --enable-shared". vc7 compiler is prefered.
For Linux : if you are using pentium then use "-O3 -m32 -fomit-frame-pointer -mtune=pentium4" and do not forget to use the disable-static and enable-shared options as specified above. If you are using amd then change the mtune flag appropriately.gcc4 and above is prefered.

For firefox on both windows(xp with service pack 2) and linux (suse 10.0) ( pentium as well as amd), with 10 tabs {one has a java enable website and one has flash emabled website ) and flashgot extension, the memory does not cross 50mb for a 512 mb system. For the record, both IE and opera have the same memory usage. The memory values were obtained using the task manger for windows and "top" program in linux.

In case the reader is aware of any website that is heavily java enabled or heavily flash enabled which hogs memory while browsing with firefox, please send across the link and i shall see what happens in my build.
Also in your url box type "about:config" and set the following options browser.cache.memory.enable to false
browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers to 0

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