24 February 2008

Review: No Country for Old Men

This would easily take the cake as one of the finest movies that I have seen. The story is quite simple. A hunter discovers a bloodbath and a lot of cash. He takes the cash home with him. What happens to him and the cash forms the crux of this wonderful movie.

Cohen brothers are back to finest with this movie. Each and every character, particularly Javier Bardem as Chigurh, have given some outstanding performances.

I was quite impressed by the fact that this movie has minimal background score. The silence and natural sounds (notice it in the gas station sequence when you hear the sound of the chocolate paper unwrapping itself) add to the suspense and drama element. Another appreciable aspect is that this movie jumps at many points, forcing the viewer to deduce for himself as to what would/could have happened.

I did notice a continuity issue. When Javier Bardem kills the cop, he has lot of blood around his wrist, presumable due to the handcuffs cutting into it. However, in the scene that immediately that follows it, the cuts from his wrist are missing !!

I can, of course, write words and more words highlighting what is good and bad about this movie. However, in the style of the movie itself, I would leave it for you reader, to see the movie and get a taste of what I am talking about !

Verdict: Must watch.

PS: I would not be surprised if Javier walks home with the Oscar for the supporting actor.

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