02 September 2008

Power Crisis

The people who seem to be most affected by the current power crisis in TamilNadu are the ones who voted for Karunanidhi on his promises of freebies. It does serve them right. Hopefully, they would have realized that he does not have the political will to tackle problems that stare at his face.

My mother's domestic help tells me that the rice that is being provided through the public distribution system for two rupees, is worse than the ones that were being provided by the previous government. The difference in cost was just a rupee and the quality was much better it seems.

That is Karunanidhi for you, Ladies and Gentlemen. A spineless politician whose only intention is to make sure that he remains in power for as long as possible.


PS: In case you want to start a flame war saying Jayalalitha was no good, please refresh your memory as to the manner in which she tackled three crisis situations; the total lack of water in Chennai in 2005, the Tsunami, and the 9cm rain in a single day.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:25 AM


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    so new job means that you can blog more now :-) ...great...

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