20 November 2009

Chrome OS and Enterprise

As I read articles about Chrome OS, I cannot help thinking that this might be Google's way to get into enterprises.

How ? Well, the enterprises of today buy a volume license from Microsoft, create a pre-defined image and use it across all workstations.

Tomorrow, they just need to download a version of Chrome OS, add a few configuration settings to point to their internal clouds for data storage, and voila, cost reduction. Which manager in the world would not want that ?

If I were Microsoft, instead of brushing away Chrome OS, I would take some serious action here. Given that Microsoft has now been forced to open up the file format for outlook, it is just a matter of time before native outlook clients spring up for Linux. Further, the OpenXchange project is now gearing up for a drop in replacement for Microsoft's cash cow; exchange server.

Approximately a decade ago, when I started my career, I was personally convinced that some day people would stop paying for software as a product. It is quite possible that I did not posses enough convincing abilities to convert that instinct into a business idea, which lead to me being the butt of ridicule of so many people. Well, it is news like these that make me feel vindicated.

I repeat whatever I said at that time; open source is an idea whose time has finally come.


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:07 AM


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