29 January 2010

iPad - iDoomed ?

Amidst all the hype and hoopla about Apple's latest creation (Boy, one should have seen the frenzy and hype in the internet prior to the release), there is something that is niggling in the back of one's mind.

Whenever Steve Jobs takes the stage, there is an air of confidence, a self control that is present while the product is being presented. In fact, if you see the iPhone keynote, and compare it with the iPad keynote, you can make out quite a lot of differences. The body language, the superlatives (well, it is not that an apple keynote is bereft of adjectives), and many more little things.

Further, Steve J himself goes on record saying this is the ultimate thing that he has created.

Well, it is quite simple. When you want to get eyeballs to your creation, as Apple has always been to doing, we should let the creation attract all the eyeballs and not your words.

Somehow, this time around, it is the words that attract the eyeballs and not the creation.

Secondly, when a product is launched on stage, you would expect it to be available immediately, so that the initial hype can be capitalized. That, unfortunately enough, is not the case with the iPad.

While iPad would definitely kill Kindle, I think this would, in all probability, follow the same course as Apple previous attempts at a pad -- the Newton.


Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:43 AM


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