21 April 2005

Encounters & Others

I have always believed in only one thing.Meet fire with fire. Have a look at the enoucnter cops.Daya nayak etc etc.They just kill the people who are terrorists, anti-social elements. Terrorists ? Who gave them that label ? What else will you call them as ?
Ok so here we go.You see there is a bunch of people on some random spree.Killing, raping, extortion what not.The authorities decide enough is enough, bring in some hard nosed cops and squash them, yes i mean shoot them dead either in front of the public or in private.
So what happens after that ?
NHRC { National Human Rights Comission } a bunch of good for nothing armchair m***er f***ers { Excuse that will you :-) } comes in and says that human rights were voilated.I say crap.Total crap.Weren't the rights being voilated when those goondas went on that spree ? Where was NHRC when those acts were happening ? What were they doing ? So why bother now ?
And yes there are a few counter arguments to this too.
Firstly collateral does happen.I mean there will be cases when someone is shot by a stray bullet, someone is picked up by mistake.But then again consider the big picture.Isn't the city a safe place ?
Secondly the cops should not take this freedom and use it in excess.As the saying goes "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!" so the cops should also not use it in excess.When i mean excess they should not brandish that pistol on some layman to make him toe the law.
And finally look at the cops too.Aren't they just doing their duty ? Are they doing this enocounter out of a love for it ? Won't they be afraid too to put themselves in front of a cop ?
Oh well all this ramblings because i saw that movie "Kakkha Kakkha" over the weekend. A pretty intresting and a well made movie about encounter cops and stuff.Worth seeing many times over folks.Just head over and grab the vcd.IMHO this one is much better than the other encounter flicks like "Ab thak chappan" etc.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:42 AM


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