11 April 2005

Faith & God-1

Ok i agree im not all that intelligent nor am i wordly wise to discuss on this, but then again in all the years of existence have we ever atempted to understand "God" ?
When we are young we are told that there is this all powerful god, who can create thunder, bring in rains and more importantly make us get that extra few marks in our exams when we circumlocate the diety 108 times, placing one feet after another ?
Now what beats me is why is this form of bribery ? If i offer something i get something, If i do this before God i get that.Why ? Has there been some thought process into this ?
"Faith can move mountains" so says the olden days proverb.Faith on whom ? ourselves ? The belief that we can and we must try to do the job on hand till our last breath ? Or is it faith on god ?
The wise men say god is just a facilitator.You should put in that hard work of burning that extra midnight oil and fight and yet after doing all this a prayer is what will make that 99/100 to 100/100.But doesn't chance favour the prepared mind ?
So who is god finally ? Yes many an intelligent men have walked on this planet and yet im sure none them have any sort of satisfactory answer to this question.
This is however my take on this question.I say God is a system to keep humans and particularly the society in check.Nothing more Nothing less.Every story on god is always stories of valour, courage, bravery and miracles.Why is there no story about a god who went to school, flunked his exams 10 times and then cleared it the 11th time?
Ah then comes the repartee that in god's times there were no schools ! Then isn't it true that the idea is itself not in tune with the current times ? Why can't god be a concept just like say infinity in mathematics ?
why are there almost no temples for ravana ? Didn't he fight hard to save his empire ? He is know to be an exponent in music.Why is that not highlighted ? People say he tried to snatch sita from rama and that deed will wipe out any good that he had done.How ? Then didn't rama kill sugriva {or is it vali ? } by stealth ? How is that not a bad deed ? Then comes the rejoinder that in his past life he did some wrong and was meant to be punished for that in his present life in this manner.So now that rama has done wrong in his present life how is he punished in his next life ? If a god does something like this then it is branded as doing good for humanity.Crap absolute crap.
Somehow i feel that most of this is due to the fear factor.If i dont do this for god he will take it out on me.If god is supposed to be kind and merciful then why should i do something for him out of fear of something bad happening to me ? If u dont pray to god and dont go to the temple daily you wont get a good groom say the mother's.Ok now how many mothers know that the reason behind such a belief is that, in the early days the temple was the only place where matrimonials were discussed, and going to temple was in effect, showcasing your daughter to the outside world that she is ready for marriage ? Now that we have internet and work places etc is this still relevant ? There are many a beliefs like this i can list, which to any person with a reasonable train of thought would become so very obvious, that they are pretty out of tune with the recent times.Then if not for the fear factor why are they being followed ?
And i pretty well know that if i try to tell this to any person the first rejoinder that i will get is that "you think you have learned everything is it ? That you are talking crap like this ?".The sad part is that the questioning spirit particularly in matters like this are strongly discouraged."It has been like this since my grandfather's times so it must be true".People did not use shoes in grandfather's times.Then why use it now ? People did not use mobiles in grandfather's times then why use it now ? Try asking this and you are met with a stern stare ! You say i dont eat meat because i dont like the smell or i cant digest the fact that something is dying for my plate then it makes sense.But when you say i dont because my religion forbids me, then isn't it true that in fact actually your religion preaches compassion to all other living beings and you have not understood that ? Why hide behind religion ?
Ok all this ranting is due to something which happened over at the house of someone whom i know over the weekend.Im for all obvious reasons not going to name who it is or what happened.Just that whatever happened has made me all the more convinced that we do most of things on this god issue out of fear and nothing else.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 3:21 PM


  1. Blogger Smyta posted at Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at 4:29:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    God is nothing but an all prevalent energy..that energy is in u and it is in me...as it is in everyone else..:-)
    A person who tries to have a hairdo looks into the mirror..so does someone who tries to do something looks into God and here God is an energy within himself..a mirror intohis very own soul....

    People dont chant God's name out of fear or bribery.....
    Say for ex, someone prays that he would give 1000rs. to Lord Balaji for success in his exams....it serves to show him the meaning of earning one's own wealth n its value...
    Say for another ex., someone rounds a diety 100 times....it serves the purpose of concentration, memory recollection of prayers/vedas by constant recitation and on goaled focus....

    Someone who walks a stretch of a caol without feeling the burn in his/her legs actually mster the art of self control.....tht comes by elevating a self to higher forms of consciousness...

    Above all..what is a faith is simply a faith....The very joy of hoping and beleiveing...that is the way it is....

    Every practise of olden days has a scientific reason and old people generally dont encourage younsters asking too many questions...that is because....They want people to just lead a normal way of life without this spirit of enquiry and questioning and too much of thoughts hindering a person's day to day life in big way confusing him emotionally n philosophically..

    I agree with ur viewpoints nevertheless and really appretiate ur strong opinions..:-)
  2. Blogger K.Shyam posted at Wednesday, April 13, 2005 at 1:07:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    intresting viewpoint !

    but i however disagree with this.
    "They want people to just lead a normal way of life without this spirit of enquiry and questioning and too much of thoughts hindering a person's day to day life in big way confusing him emotionally n philosophically.."
    imagine what would have happened if there was no questioning spirit in a buddha or a ramakrishna paramahamsa or an aryabhatta ? there is a way to foster the questioning spirit and that is not being done !
  3. Blogger Smyta posted at Friday, April 15, 2005 at 12:05:00 AM GMT+5:30  
    Exactly ....What Buddha or Paramahamsa did cant be done by everyone in that magnitude....certain people are meant to lead wordly lives....for the beauty of the world is seen best through its ugly forms...U find the rose soothing because you know a thorn pricks....If everyone turned to enlighten their souls...then there is no wordly affair to talk about..n probably in my opinion then all people will know that the GOd they seek is in themselves:-)A spirit of enquiry is great but imagine if everyone started asking a WHY WHAT HOW for every single thing they did...The normal life is obstructed and hence elders said well Just do it!

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