13 April 2005

Faith & God-2

Folks I think i missed out an alternative viewpoint and hence this part 2 post :-).Many a time it so happens when we feel really down & out that we seek solace in someting.It might also happen that there are somethings which are totally unexplainable.Like say for example let us think in this line.There was this plane that was bombed over the oceans.Many an innocent lives were lost.Now what would those parents feel ? It is at that time they turn to the "religious" books for recourse.I am not saying that this is good or bad.Just that sometimes people turn to these books for solace.Now I am not going to condemn that too.It is their wish and they are doing it.However on a personal view point i seek solace from only one thing.A thing i firmly believe in no matter what.That shall be put up in another post ! Oh ya those who know me well would have already guessed it what it is from this and the previous post !
And ok i agree this is all a part of the philosiphical churn that is happening in me over the past few days/weeks.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:40 PM


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