16 May 2005

Long Away from this world

Folks i was long away from this blogging world.Apologies for that.
Regular readers and those who know me know of my admiration for "Amma" Jayalalithaa. Well in what seems to be a significant and a far reaching result, AIADMK the ruling party has won the by-elections.
Now consider the following :
1. The opposition was united, and it was the same as the one during the lok shaba elections.
2. The tamilian electorate has always know to be anti incumbent.
3. When the same alliance could waltz through the lok shaba election why couldn't they win this elections ?
4. Im more intrested in seeing the response of that good for nothing TV channel called Sun TV run by DMK and its cohorts

Ok now will this alliance of 7 parties last for the next elections ? Will "Amma" Jayalalithaa become complacent that we won the by-elections and hence we can win the main one too ? However something tells me that this alliance will not last long.Why ? DMK's second rung leaders campaigned for this election and it fell flat on them.This i think this bound to bring in some changes in the political scenario.Time to wait and watch.But one thing is for sure.If the alliance of the opposition breaks then "Amma" Jayalalithaa is bound to win unless she does something really drastic in the next 365 or so days.

And another intresting developement took place over the last weekend.My t-shirts were saved ! I had posted this saying i was ready to wager my last t-shirt.I got an intresting response that said that i would now be seen in shirts, which i normally detest ! { why ? simple i have to press them everytime :-) }.The girls outbeat boys in class XII exams too !

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