11 September 2008

PR Spin

I have always believed that if the public face of a company does a good job, then half the problem of getting publicity, recognition, e.t.c., is solved.

Here is a perfect example. Google's Marissa Mayer, first gives an interview to LA times. In a moment of hubris or whatever, she proudly claims that search is 90-95% solved. Many people take up the rant against her, including Techcrunch, which posts a nice article debunking her.

So what does she do ? She puts up a lengthy post where she maps it to a 90-10 scenario and says that to solve the remaining 10%, 90% of effort is needed.

Looks like the spin doctors and PR folks over at google are in for a big raise ;-)


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Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:17 PM


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