24 November 2009

Positive Thinking

A 75 year old doctor lost his leg to a disease. He was crushed. He could not longer do whatever he wanted to do. He retreated into a corner, and became more inclusive.

Kids have a strange way of making everyone open up to them. Along came a 7 year old kid and started talking to the doctor. Halfway into the conversation, the kid tried making the doctor walk along with him. The doctor resisted as much as he could.

Finally, with much hesitation, he pointed to his wooden leg and said that he cannot walk or do whatever he wanted to do.

The kid replied with much glee -- "Same pinch". It had a wooden leg too.

No prizes for guessing that shortly after that, the doctor returned to his normal life, and became a vocal advocate of pursuing your normal life even when you miss a leg.

That is the power of positive thinking.

Sometimes, in our rush to live our lives, we never pause and see the world around us. There is so much to learn from little kids.


PS: Yes, this is a real life incident of a friend of mine. The old man is my friend's father and the kid was some random kid that popped into their house, supposedly the kid of some friends friend.

PPS: Yes, even doctors get depressed. They are humans too.

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