24 May 2005

laloo's lollu

Lollu: Anything unpleasant. Tamil for the sound made by a dog (analogous to "bow wow" in English). Probably a neologism from the Tamil movie Perusu, starring Sathyaraj and Bhagyaraj. { Source Here }

Laloo prasad yadav has done it again folks.He has used his political clout to arm twist the ruling party at the center to twist the governer into holding election again. When will the politicians in our country ever change ? I think it will change only when all educated people go and vote *without* arguing "Everyone is corrupt then why should i vote?". Ok that is the rant of a different post.
Already thousands of crores of tax payers money had gone down the drain in holding the previous elections.Now the elections are back again.I hope that some goddam party gets a majority and forms the government.No not laloo.Not him again.Not that M*****F*****. Pardon me guys but im forced to say that. 15 years of rule in bihar and he has given nothing but anarchy.And the central goverment had just taken steps to throw out the arrogant relatives of laloo occupying the goverment houses for years without paying their dues.
In a clear case of pot calling the kettle black he had the ba**s to accuse the CEC of playing the casteist card.
I think he should now be taught a fitting lesson by the electorate of Bihar.Come on my fellow countrymen of bihar.Can't you see the abyss he has pushed your state into ? Patna also called pataliputra was the seat of higher education during the early 14th centuries { Ok forgive me if i erred in the timing }.And where does your state stand in terms of education now ? Ok forget education.Take jobs for instance.Why were biharis attacked in maharashtra ? Why is it that a large number of security personnel outside sofware companies in bangalore and other places, predominantly biharis ? Friends of bihar it is time to move on.I cannot guarentee that the next chief minister will give you roses but atleast you can see what change can do.I urge all bihari's to go home and vote laloo out of power.Good luck my fellow countrymen.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 4:49 PM


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