18 May 2005

The lazy bum gets lazier !

Oh well i wanted to post a write up about the satriani concert.Then again i had this comment in my previous post and since i think this write up kicks some real butt i am posting it here.

Lucky you:-)(sigh--and green with envy:p)

So you are going to watch the God "JOE SATRIANI" with your "FRIENDS" at one of his shows on the "CRYSTAL PLANET" podium in Bangalore!!! I am so happy you are going to enjoy his "SUMMER SONG".

Like you said, Satriani is "NOT OF THIS EARTH".His "STRANGE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC" keeps one "ROCKING IN THE FREE WORLD" and makes one "FLYING IN A BLUE DREAM".

So tell me did he bring the "LIGHTS OF HEAVEN" onto you?

"WHY" ? Did he strum the "CHORDS OF LIFE" with his "BEAUTIFUL GUITAR" to the "ENGINES OF CREATION" making you travel back through the "TIME MACHINE"?

Did he leave many of the audience "CRYING" with tears of pleasure hearing to "THE EXTREMIST".

"I BELIEVE" he can make a "TRAIN OF ANGELS" fly with his music, bring "THE FORGOTTEN" back to memories, light "THE CRUSH OF LOVE".

Were you still "DREAMING AT #11" as the show was ending? Did he leave you wondering "IS THERE LOVE IN SPACE"?

I hope his guitar "ECHO" didnt bring you "SURFING WITH THE ALIENS".

Well I guess he rocks "UNTIL WE SAY GOODBYE" and still rings in our ears and hearts-"ALWAYS WITH ME, ALWAYS WITH YOU"

I hope,as you are heading back home "DRIVING AT NIGHT", his music will shine high upon the dark shady alleys of your life like a "BIG BAD MOON" :-)

Hope you had a rocking time at the concert.Pity I missed it out:-(

This was written by Smitha.Good work man ! Nice interplay of words.

oh this was the expectation about the concert.The original was almost close to this. Not exactly but close.
And the actual attendance would have been at best 3000 ppl with not many even having the faintest idea of what god was doing on stage.

To top it all one screwed up M*****F***** says play some metallica covers.He could have very well used the 1000rs he spent on the ticket to stay at home and buy some metallica cd's.Jerk.

The sound system could have had some tinkering.Best piece of the concert was undoubtedly summer song when he played some notes which were pretty different from the recordings.
Overall money well spent.Someday i shall get to 10% of what he is.My life would get a new meaning at that point in time.

Ok so now onto what makes him so very intresting.basically western music is just 2 octaves and heavily rythim based.You pick a chord and keep strumming it lifelessly. That is all what western music is about.Ok this is in terms of guitars.
Satriani, Hendrix, Santana IMHO the best ever guitarists in that order do it a little bit different.They merge in the flok music componenet.Hendrix had the blues, Santana had the mexican and Satriani {surprise} has clear strains of oriental music ! So what does this lead to ? One full extra octave folks.That gives them the depth to explore and that is what they do.To understand what this extra octave can give i can just tell you one thing.Listen to canatic music.You need not even be a connoiseur or whatever but just listen to it.Better if it is instrumental.Carnatic on Guitar is a fair place to start.Violin or a flute would just do fine too.Why even hindustani has some definite strains.When such a merger happens you get an unique sound and that is why satriani's concerts are just pure instrumental magic without the head banging crap.
To all those folks who still are doubting thomases let me tell you take some silly head banging crap like say an iron maiden or a judas priest or even that over hyped good for nothing buggers called metallica.Just try to follow the background guitars.Ah then again it is difficult becuse the lead singer drown it with his cacophony.But if you listen keenly you will understand what im trying to tell you.
Any opposition to this sort of head banging crap particularly metallica would be met with "You ain't cool dude" kind of expression.But then again Satriani's music demands serious listening to !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 1:33 PM


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