19 May 2005


Folks by and large this blog has been largely non-personal.However i think i have an urge to write something personal today.
Uh ok it s about me.People who know me know that i dont show emotions that readily.In fact the only emotion i show quite frequently is a laugh.In fact there are guys from my school days who know me and who have never even seen me cry or shout at anyone.And i have always been able to laugh off leg pullings.In fact i remember quite a lot of incidents from my hostel life where there has been lots of my leg pulling and i managed to laugh it off. However it always used to happen that when i pull my friends leg they do get wild at me ! :-(
In fact once i passed some remark for which one of the guys got so wild that he had to be restrianed by others ! Gosh luckliy.
Now the point is not that.The point is how can i assume that just as i can laugh of leg pullings the others will also do so ? Conversley you could ask this question that "when you are laughing off other leg pullings why aren't they laughing it off" ? Well i think it is kind of hard to answer.When our very own five fingers are of different shapes should'nt i respect each person as an individual and know the limits that i must not cross ?
I think that is the more sensible approach.
Oh ok as you probably guessed this is more of a personal thought process due to some recent events.

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