30 May 2005

Im Back

Ladies,Gentlemen & others;
This is to say that ya im indeed alive & kicking.{ok not exactly kicking}.Oh that does'nt give me anything to put up two posts in a single day.Jus wanted to emphasize that im indeed alive down here.
Fortunately i have not got caught in any car on which some trees came crashing down, some drain which could have washed me away, some power cuts in which mosquitoes could have lifted me away ! Hah what a weather we have ! A week of merciless sun beating down roasting everyone and a week of more & more rains in which everything gets flooded and submerged ! screw this place man ! sucks big time.
Unfortunately though my brand new bike got tonked by a useless and irresponsible M*****F***** driving a ford ikon.To think of that ba***** was trying to overtake on the left ! I despise these morons who care a damn about road safety ! Trying to push me off the road he suceeded in pushing me ON the road.I hope you rot in hell moron !
And now-a-days i feel even more jealous when i see someone zooming in the bike { read females :)) oh ok!! }, coz i got tonked even when i was driving at such slow speed { 30kmph to be exact } and these ppl seem to be flying ! God save them too from these irresponsible car drivers !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:40 PM


  1. Blogger Smyta posted at Tuesday, May 31, 2005 at 4:00:00 AM GMT+5:30  

    Intresting enough, I agree with you on the plight of today's Bangalore....But well dont you think "worst" worsens more within our minds than in reality!!!!

    Smiles etc.,


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