30 May 2005

Us Vs Them

Many a time i hear this from so many people sourrounding me.You are pretty experienced S/w guy.Why dont u go abroad and make loads of money and lead a happy life ? Excuse me a sec.Happy life you said ? What can be happy there ? To which the retort comes saying no bad roads, clean air, cheap lifestyle, loads of money when you come back etc etc
So many a time i wanted to issue a rejoinder to all those doubting thomases why i dont have even an iota of intrest in doing so.
1. Loads of money : This is possible If and ONLY if you come back.Show me how many of those who went with an intention of coming back have really come back ! 1% ? I might be a part of that 1% i might not be.It is not in me to risk it.So if i dont come back then i have to do the same sloggin i do here.So why not do it here ?
2. This is perhaps the most important reason why i am of no mind to leave my country. Whatever happens you are always treated as an outsider.Ok so you want proof ? US is suposed to be an epitome of free country.Free speech, Free thought.What happened when Forbe's top 50 most influential woman made a speech in a graduation day ceremony, deriding the foreign policies of that country ? Was she allowed to do so ? Come on it is a free country right ? No she issued an apology.Ok so why did she issue an apology ? That is because she is indian born ! The bottomilne : at the end of the day whatever you do whoever you are you will *remain* an outsider.I do not need that ! At the end of the day when you come back you jus hang your legs up for a quiet dinner and relax spending time with the people you like around you.Not think what should i do tomorrow !
3. End result the roads may be bad, education system may be bad whatever it may be that is not going to be a reason for me to leave this place.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:28 PM


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