31 May 2005

Good Move

In an order that is bound to create many a ruffled feathers among parents, the Bangalore City Corporation has banned parents from dropping off their wards to school in cars and two wheelers.
Now why is this bound to cause controversy ? Coz many a parents will now have to use the government buses to send their wards to school.No not the crowded ones but special school buses provided by the government.
I am all for this order and it must be enforced in spirit and letter.If you want to know why then think of this.Why is it that schools have the concept of uniforms ? Why don't they allow students to come to school in whatever dress they please ? It is because the students should feel that they are neither superior nor inferior to none inside the school campus.
The schools in bangalore especially have an obscene and ostentatious display of wealth among kids.Many a parent love to pamper the kids, without knowing the kind of impact it is creating in their minds and that too at such an young age ! Mobile phones, bottled water { not your aquafina folks but evian(a tag of Rs 80/litre) }, bikes or chauffered cars ! What is all this nonsense ? If you want to really pamper your kid why not arrange a home tutor for him/her ? Foreign jaunts for excursions and what not !
The corporation is not interfering in this process.When the parents come off to drop and pick up their wards the traffic jams that are caused are horrendous to say the least. The government wants to find a solution to this problem ! Good that the government has acted in this regard.The wise parent might ask that when the whole city has bad traffic and is crumbling why is it that they are being targeted ? I can just tell them one thing.Please be responsible to the society and show to your kid how he/she can be responsible too. Explain to the ward as to why he/she should take the bus and make him/her feel proud of doing it !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:35 AM


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