25 February 2009

A.R.Rahman wins Oscar

While I am indeed happy that Indians have won Oscars, I see no reason to go ga-ga over them. After all, they are just the filmfare awards of Hollywood and I see nothing special in them. What is even worse is a news item that I read, which says that the Kerala government will be giving gold medals to the winners.

However, what is indeed special is that while everyone who won the award were jumping up and down as if they have been to the moon, and displaying all kinds of silly emotions, Rahman was simplicity personified.

Ella pugazhum iraivanukke indeed. (All praise goes to God).

I just hope that the tamil bulletin boards all over the world do not resort to petty fights between Illayaraja fans and Rahman fans. Comparing them would be as silly as comparing Oranges and Apples. Illayaraja is miles ahead when it comes to producing background score. If you do not believe me, see his latest movie Naan Kadavul, or his forthcoming movie Nandalala. To Rahman's credit, he has always made sure he was at the right place and at the right time.

As an aside, I think that since the movie talks about hope in depressing times, and since the world is reeling from economic slowdown, it managed to sweep quite many Oscars.


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