31 March 2004

india is on the brink of a historic series victory ! what else matters ? to hell with the assignments.i will be there to see the match tomorow !!
a brilliant article about the current status of the pak cricket team. :
and yes my batteries are recharged caught some sleep for around 6 hours yesterday !
still trying to get a tape or cd of that song from kaadhal virus !
hike figures are out in my office and i wont get ay :-( :-(
this is becuase i am on a sabbatical.no not that i am cribbing about it !
gotta go now !

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30 March 2004

how does one look/feel if one has slept for only 5 hours in a total of 48 hours ? well i know.i am in that state right now and no signs of sleep are there anywhere near me ! :-( :-( .man its not that the course is tough or something it is just that i always seem to be out of time !! well you cannot tell that as bad time management !!
anyway today i heard asong from kadhal virus scored by rahman.
the song is called paal nilaa .a brilliant use of sax.no wonder rahman is a genius in these kind of fusion music.and audio of "new" movie has been released.my brother tells me rahman has mashed out an old song.got to check it out.
ok without much ado i sign out now.got more pressing things on hand !!

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28 March 2004

uh uh off from blogging for the past few days simply due to too many assignments ! :-(
read sachin's interview in rediff : http://www.rediff.com/cricket/2004/mar/27faisu.htm
the important thing he says is "i just play each ball on merit and dont concentrate on records ! " the KISS ( keep it simple stupid ) policy works all over !!
and sehwag has trashed or rather ground the bowlers to dust !! good going shewag.

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25 March 2004

grr i typed out this blog in the morning and my net connection here in college went down.so i have absolutely no enthu to type it all over again :-(
kudos to the men in blue for an emphatic win.as imran khan said rightly brianless batting by pakis cost them the match.what surprises me is why is manjrekar always supporting the opposition team ? cant he give impartial comments.comments like pakistan has done good fightback and they are sure to win the series are all uncalled for.
ramiz raja ia another idiot.i think they should stop commenting alltogether.
and in another important judgement that might have far reaching implications microsoft was fined millions of dollars.well the fines are peanuts for that software giant.but the remaining judgements that they must not bundle windows media player and they must share source code could have major implications. though microsoft is appealingit could well be the beginning of more such suits.
no i am NOT anti-microsoft.i for one believe that if you are a linux fan you need to be a microsoft hater.look at gates.we need to learn a thiing or two on how to market products.the whole world knows that the product is buggy and prone to viruses.but has that stopped anyone from buying it ?
he is an excellent markating genius.
let us learn the good things from all the people around us !

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23 March 2004

tomorrow is the big match.good luck india.
saw this in the suggestion book of our cafe today "the server makes omlette and serves idli with the same hand.this is not acceptable for pure vegetarians"
what the heck ? if you are a pure veg then you should not come to cafe.the cafe is there for everyone not for pure veggies alone.i think all these things are there in the students simply becuase the institute goes out of its way to make sure the students have a good atmosphere. i think you guys should stay outside and learn how difficult it is to get decent food and decent prices.
they are morons !!
yes its been 10 years since i finished school.so i am planning a reunion let me see how many come !

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22 March 2004

and india responds brilliantly.i think this is a team to watch out for.they should stop faltering at crucial points.the world cup was almost ours !!
anyway good luck to boys in blue for the final match
and one thing that irritated me during the match was rameez raja's commentary.
his exact words "indians can learn a thing or two about cover drives from yaseer hameed" what nonsense is this ? that chap hameed is just a few matches old.i think rameez better watch out.whenever you comment you should be impartial.
what about laxman,ganguly,shewag,dravid ? note that i am not bringing sachin here becuase he is beyond comparison.to bring him here is an insult to him
hey you rameez better shut up if you dont know how to comment ok.
man i felt like taking the next flight to lahore and trashing his daylights.
then had a major fight with an auto man.supposedly autos in bagalore are better than in madras.( that feeling is slowly evaporating.. ) that idiot's meter was wrong and man does he have a major temper.finally after much haggling i dismissed him off with a basic fare of 10rs.
ok.must get back to work now.

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20 March 2004

huh ! a random search on my blog title ( Yet Another Blogger ) stumped me as someone else had already taken it ! so here i am with my current title !!

saw a very decent tamil movie called autograph.
a no nosense presentation from cheran.of course he is no good as an actor but yes the film is really good.
it would be more meaningful if you were kind of forced to be away from the girl you loved.the pain in the eyes of the lead females are very brilliantly given at this point.
there of course some loopholes in what is otherwise a very well made movie.
like sneha keeping her mother's dead body in her house for two days.man i agree friendship is thick but this is just too much !
the mallu female player by gopika.man she is drop dead gorgeous.i think she is a original mallu.big expressive eyes ! she will surely go places.
if only cheran had not acted in this movie himself but the rumour mill is that he did not get anyone to act in it !!
the story is quite simple.cheran is getting married and goes to give invitation cards to all his old friends and crushes !!
the songs are quite apt in the movie.somhow one gets the feeling that he is a director to watch out for !
the movie does drag a little bit but i hear that people are enjoying it !
it is of course the same reason for which alaipayuthey became a big hit.
a "it could happen to me story" well told with meaningful flashbacks.
kudos to you cheran.keep up the good work.
then had dinner in ebony's @ 13th floor.nice restruant.a bill for 3 came to 550.not bad at all
india beter win tomorrow's match or they can kiss the series goodbye !!

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19 March 2004

phew ! added some sections to my website.i think i must learn to use some authoring/publishing tool ! takes a heavy toll of my time.
ok.now to some topics wihch i said i will write up on.
so beginning with first one
1. programming vs thinking.

what is this all about ? if you are a non computer science student you may not know what i am talking about so let me fill you up. Programming is when given an algorithm ( or a method) you convert it to code in some language and execute it on a computer.
thinking is the design of that algorithm
now which one is better ? the algorithm or the program ?
so for the benefit of the layman here i go :
The discussion is equivalent to asking which is better ? the process of cooking itself or the process of making an exotic recipie ? i argue that whatever said and done programming ie the cooking is the most toughest and important part.oh come on any tom,dick,hariharan can tell you a recipie but how do you make sure that such a recipie produces some intresting stuff ?
so my request to all you fellow s/w engineers and managers and professors and students please DO NOT treat programming as dirt.without it nothing is possible.i can design a system that will launch a rocket every second but what is the use of the design without something concrete ?
it is becuase of this view of mine that i hate subjects that are theoretical in nature.
at graduate level especially when you will be applying what you learn here to your career you need to learn those subjects which you an understand the real life implications of it ! you simply cannot learn a subject just becuase you love it.
of course the views above are entirely of my own and i shall defend them.
in case you like something theoretical please dont pick up a fight with me.post your own blog refuting me !!!

so let me accept i love programing. don knuth calls all his books :"The Art of computer programming".and not something else.
kirsten nygrad mentions that programming is understanding.
when so many pathbreakers have had such good views about programming why is it that the managers and profs trreat programming as dirt ? please change it and accord enough due to it.please dont tell things like "programming is routine work." "programming does not need any thinking"
as i read sometime ago programming is like poetry.it is upto the poet to create it as adroitly as possible !

i hope if someone atleast someone reads the above and changes his/her views i would consider the time spent on typing it out as worthwile !

then continuing the feedback about songs from ayudha ezhuthu man there is one song called nenjam ellam.i think that there are no natural instruments in it and boy that song is really brilliant ! i am sure only rahman can come up with something like that !
i shall point out something about each of the song in a later blog.

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18 March 2004

checked out the songs from ayudhaezhuthu.rahman has indeed given some good songs.nice instrument combinations.worth listening ! rush to your nearest store and grab a copy of the cassette.
supposedly the tapes sold 1 lakh copies in just 3 days which is indeed a record considering the fact that now-a-days download is the common mode of listening to songs !!
ok i have quite a few topics thinking to write about i guess.let me list them
1. placements in iim
2. set top boxes in madras
3. programming vs thinking
ok i shall write about each of it in the next few days.(one more procrastination !!)
the swaras from rahman's composition keep coming back ! man he has indeed done some job !
and yes tomorrow is another match.god please.as calvin says "assignments i command you be DONE !"


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16 March 2004

ok so the assignment was disposed off ! no not completely bu sort of.
but then what a match.somehow india pak match never fails to entertain ! anyway today is the next one and i think we are in a spot of bother with our bowlers not all the fit ! and ten sports is still continuing to play truant with the match telecast !
checked out woodlands hotel for sunday dinner.decent food though.a bill for 6 guys came to 6 hundred.not bad at all !
and i sent a mail to one of the madras bloggers junta and no news from him ! i am surprised or probably his filter classified my mail as spam !
infosys has stopped the stock options ! man that is real bad.already the guys who work there do so only for the stocks! i pity you guys.remember there are ways to make money so start looking !!
placements in IIM's have concluded.the figures are quite impressive ? but are they ? i shall write about that tomorrow !

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14 March 2004

back so soon?

ok.after about a few hours of time(wasted or spent usefully??) i have a completely redisgned blog ready ! phew.now back to assignments !

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when things go down the wire

all pictures in today's newspapers show one thing.an airborne kaif catchiing up one of the paki batsmen and surely turning things around india's way.it is that kind of athletism that is keeping india in the hunt for that elusive position of uninvincible team.
and surely holding the nerve is another things.
ashish nehra has made sure he will be in the team for a few more ODI's .oh come on we are in desparate need of good quality bowlers.
anyway good show india.keep it.nothing not even my dual assignment deadline for monday could/can keep me out of such a high quality match ! assignments may come and go but matches will come alive only on such rare occasions.
and watching it with a gumbal of junta only makes things more better !
and we had the ten sports imbroglio over the week.well i somehow seem to think that ten sports is justified in its claims ! before people of india crucify me let me first tell you our protests against set top boxes would do nothing except to put us at the mercy of cable operators.dont know how ? please spend some time thinking about it!
ok probably the govt should allow the boxes in the open market.
anyway let us hope something good works out !
i guess i better get back to that assignment !

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10 March 2004

Hair raising experiences !

that signifies that i have no titles on hand :-( so what has been up with me for the past few days ? everytime i see something i think that i have to put it up in my blog but end up forgetting it !
after around hectic reading up of research papers finally settled on something to do for my project ? let me see...
ah ! beard raising experiences.i was once asked by a person.you are a research student.then why are neatly dressed ? ( read no unkept hair,no stubble,no chappals and more importsntly no beard.) now that got me into a fit of irritation.why is it that we research students give such an impression that we always need to be like that ? what prevents up from being neat and clean ? now if you are working in a office let me tell you you will not allowed to grow that beard.then why are you growing it when you are a student ? why dont the research students treat the college as their office ?
i guess this comes becuase most of the research students come over to do research directly from colleges.there are quite a few who come after some work experience.trust me it is hard to go back to your old self.
i speak this from personal experience.when i was in REC Trichy from 1997-2000 i remember i once broke the record for not taking bath for something like 5 consecutive days !(ok i must have smelt like a **%*#&*#* ) but that is ok !
now when you dont want to keep your streos loud becuase we are supposed to be research students and mature enough are you research students not mature enough to ensure personal hygeine ? anyway i hope some research student hears my rants and changes for good !
ok.before i get any more brickbats let me move out !

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08 March 2004

the great escape ?

huh so i managed a title for my blog ! ok.now dont ask me what that would mean to whatever that is there here ? i manged to escape the marduaeres ! but my tee shirt (white one :-) with my name in the front ! ) almost got damaged.i think i rescued it thanks to surf excel !
and there is a poster by someone all over the notice boards protesting against the disfiguration of the new hostel complex.i totally agree with him.supposedly the students here are expected to have some amount of maturity ! anyway who cares.ppl all over india celebrate holi in all pomp and style !
i am reminded of an incident that happened when i was in school ( ok around 12-13yrs ago ! this day exactly 10 years ago i was taking up my CBSE 12th exams ! time flies !) some of my classmates were spanked for playing holi in school time and causing damage to their uniforms ! i again agree with my school sir who spanked them ! do you think i am agreeing with general junta arbitrarily ?
ok sometime later i shall post my opinions on beards and hair raising experiences of junta ! not now.

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07 March 2004

well someone sent me a mail asking why my blogs dont have a title ! simple.i guess i am not able to think of a title every other day ! so from now on whenever i get a title i shall put one !
continuing on the paycheck movie there are a few things that left me puzzled.
1. ben affleck uses a single bullet attached to one of the machine pistons to destroy the machines.now correct me if i am wrong.a bullet gets it power from the friction that is caused along the barrel.now without any kind of barrel how did the bullet get the friction ?
2. the whole science funda was again puzzling.how can you send a laser till the edge of the universe ? no known edge of the universe exists.and how can a laser rebound from the edge of the universe ? anyway the bottomline is see it just for jon woo !
and today is holi.increasingly holi has become too much colourful in hostels.it is an ordeal escaping from the junta who are very determined to catch you and immerse u !
let me see how best i can escape !
god please someone help with a project topic !! things are getting increasingly difficult :-( :-(

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06 March 2004

can you build a machine that can predict your future ? if so can you see your future and make preparations for it ?
intresting huh ? or is it a load of bull**it ? in either case head over to your nearest movie hall and watch the movie paycheck.
the latest offering by jhon woo is again a slickly built fast paced action movie.but what is the story ?
ben affleck is a high funda who does classified work and gets his memory erased in return ( r u still there ? :-) )
he does one such job worth 90 million$$ for his high school friend who is actually a con man.
the principle is this.if you can build a laser that can go to the edge of the universe and come back then you can predict what you will be doing in the future !
so he does osme work like that sees that he is about to be killed in the future by his own friend and makes preparations for it.
ok i will not spoil your enthu anymore so i shall stop here.
like his earlier film face off this is also a futuristic thriller.somehow i liked face off better that this one simply becuase of that one man - travolta
there is no travolta here !
but the movie is definitely worth a watch.
so now that i have seen two movies in a week after a long time its time to buckle up and get back to my assignments/projects.

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05 March 2004

wow ! have been regular to the gym for the past 2 days ! that is some achievement considering the fact that i am heavily loaded with all sorts of nonsense stuff ! assignments/projects etc etc.
life just goes one whizzes by !
CAT results are out ! finally the exams have been conducted but not before the govt has cut fees.personally i am a big supporter for this fee cut move(reasons to be explained later ! )
and on a global scale SCO group is going all hammer and tongs to do something.since i have not yet read about the case in full i shall not comment on it but i have a gut feel SCO could be wrong !
let us wait and watch !

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02 March 2004

checked out the movie khakee today.in general i am no fan of that mindless bolloywood fare but i guess since guys like me are growing in number the directors seem to have worken up.except for those three songs the rest of the movie was pretty decent.i would recommend it to anyone who is intrested in seeing a decent movie.
but above everything else ajay devgan takes the cake.man he seems to be maturing into a fine actor.kudos to the actor and the director for exacting a good performance.
only thing was that i saw it in the multiplex that is about an hour from my college.
and tickets are pretty expensive too !
but then since the seat and sound quality was pretty good when compared to the trash called symphony i will forgive the theatre complex!
actually we went to see the movie identity and ended up seeing this instead !
i shall catch up with identity sometime later !

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