20 February 2006

Dhoni and pessimism

While the whole nation starts going ga ga over dhoni and his dhamakas, { particularly that slimes of india }, with the risk of sounding pessimistic, i think we should wait for him to play one series on a fast bouncy track against some quality opposition before we herlad him as the next gilchrist or whatsoever.
To refresh the memory cells, he did come up cropper in the home one-day series against the south-africans !

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15 February 2006

Firefox Memory Issues ?

This article seems to provide some insight into the problem that is paining every firefox user - memory leaks.
Supposedly it can be configured it seems ! I think some kind of explanation about these default things like caches, buffers etc would make it easy for the bad press to go away.

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14 February 2006

Tagged up

Im taking up Sudhish's tag for this post of his.
Well he has probably mentioned all the things that i could think of. Currently i can add this to that list :
1. If caught making a mistake, say a no entry or no valid papers or such, pay up the fine. No bribing.

Rest shall be added as and when i practise it.

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13 February 2006

Away from the norm ? Probably Yes

Many a times, if i dont like the comments on my blog, i generally brush them away. However here is one such comment to which i think i need to give a response. This comment was made for my "review" of RDB. So this is the comment:

"Yes Watch it, to loose your brains! This movie is a reflection of India's poor tastes and appreciation of the mediocrity. No intelligent person can stand this movie."

Now there are a few points here. Firstly what is mediocrity ? It is a highly relative term. We say something is bad, only when we see and appreciate something else. That being the case, the words good, bad, mediocre etc etc are highly realtive. Now what was the yardstick used to judge this ? Hollywood films ? Barring a very very minor few rest everything else is american jingoistic crap. Now firstly, as kamalhasan has been shouting hoarse from the rooftop for ages and ages, there is no point in comparing the filmmaking style and film content with any other film industry in the world. What needs to be compared is the technicalities with which a movie is made. So this effectively throws out the word mediocrity. Yes it might be true that we may be light years behind hollywood in terms of using AVID editing for sound {kamal once again has done that too in virumandi!}, or using sync sound { remember manirathnam and ayudha ezhuthu? }, but what matters most is that we make movies for our satisfaction, for a three hour deviation from the rigmaroles of life.
So voicing out an opinion that it is a reflection of poor taste and mediocrity, is totally uncalled for. Probably in your blog sir, but definitely not in MY blog.
There is a school of thought that says that all people who go abroad to study are cowards and dull and un-intelligent people as they were unable to compete and get a seat in institutes like IISc or IIT or IIM. And please dont get back to me saying this country has lots of reservations and etc etc. Aren't people studying there ? Now whether i am subscribing to that school of thought is not the issue here. What matters here is that we cannot generalize such issues right ? Similarly we cannot generalize things saying "no intelligent person can stand this movie". What is intelligence ? A farmer knows how to predict rains just by looking up to the sky. Do we software-blokes in cozy airconditioned comfort, have even an iota of such knowledge ? Now please dont tell me that we have "intelligence" about software. "A bug-free program is an abstract concept" so goes the saying. Will we accept a car that has a manufacturing defect ?

Perhaps one of the most important things we miss is the notion of constructive criticism. In fact, RDB is not perfect. The director takes too much cinemtic liberties in the second half. Point it out to him and try to make him understand, that would seperate the wheat from chaff. If we blindly go upto him and tell him that he does nothing but crap, all you would get is a cold shoulder !
Finally Mr.Balaji no nation is perfect, it has to be made perfect ! {karan in RDB}. And i am open to any sort of debate/discussion/fight on the yardsticks for mediocrity and intelligence !

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World Domination

If This is not a step closer to world domination, then i dont know what else is !
Ah but if text is here can voice be far behind ? I think not ;-)

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01 February 2006

Rang De Basanti - A Review


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