30 April 2010

Summer Rainbows in Madras !!!

I was late for my usual morning run. I started at 6.00AM from Velachery MRTS railway station, making my way along the newly laid 200ft road.

That road is an early morning walkers/joggers paradise. A 3km loop. Mild traffic, and lots of fellow walkers/joggers for company.

There was a slight drizzle before I started, and I could see traces of dark clouds along the horizon.

On my way back, at around 6.30AM or so, there were a few more rain drops. Pit patter they splashed on the road and stopped.

On an instinct, I turned and looked back skywards. Lo and behold, there it was. Not one, but two rainbows which I could see completely. Two brilliant semi-circular arches, in full color and splendor. What a magnificent sight. Nature at its best.


PS: I do not recollect seeing rains in summer in Madras, let alone rainbows. Something's wrong with the weather.

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29 April 2010

Appholes !!

Watch John Stewart rip apart Apple in his late night talk show, with some outstanding quotes !!

“If you want to break down someone’s door, why don’t you start with AT&T, for God sakes? They make your amazing phone unusable as a phone!”

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20 April 2010

There is nothing called secrecy, even for Apple

Read these links, How apple lost its next-gen phone, the definitive proof that they wanted it back, and the details of that phone.

I hope the guy who lost that phone still has his job.


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14 April 2010

Paiya - Review

Movies that are based on a road trip are always fun. You can either make a rollicking comedy out of them, or you can make an excellent action adventure.

Director Lingusamy does neither and makes a boat load, or rather, a car load of bullshit with his latest offering, paiya.

Karthi is an unemployed youth in search of a job, who falls for Tamannah when he sees her in a bus stop. Do people still do that ? I do not think so.

He had an earlier run in with Milind Soman when he was hunting for a job in Bombay. There are relatives for Tamannah who want to get her married off to someone else.

Both of them are now being hunted.

Milind Soman said in an earlier interview that he chose to do this film as he was enamored by the screenplay. I mean he is there in the movie for five minutes, speaks completely in Hindi, and was enamored by the screenplay ? Hello, Mr.Milind, did your brains go for a walk ? Or is it that the Hindi folks do not have any better screenplay ?

There seems to be an utter lack of any kind of chemistry between the lead pair. They seem to walking through the movie like zombies.

Just while there seems to be an attempt to move the story forward, something else comes in the way and derails it back again.

Make no mistake folks, this story has excellent potential, but has been wasted by some pathetic direction, screenplay.

If the plan was to showcase Karthi as an action hero, that falls short too, as the stunts seem too contrived.

All in all, an excellent waste of time.


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09 April 2010

Try stopping them now !!!

Try stopping them now, cried the commentator, who obviously, like hundreds of other morons in the stadium, was a Manchester United supporter.

Oh well, Bayern Munich did exactly that ;-)


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07 April 2010

All ye EPL fans/fanatics/lunatics

Watch this and learn. Understand that there is something called Spanish league, which is light years ahead of any league. To put it in a different way, EPL is light years behind every other league on this planet worth its salt. Heck, even the third division Mexican league has better quality football. All you hyped up EPL players, watch the fourth goal and learn.


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The massacre of 76 CRPF commandos by naxalites is highly deplorable.

It is time we throw all the nonsense of talks and stuff outside the window, and meet fire with fire.

Remember, for a country which detonated Pokhran-II right under the noses of communication satellites, it is not all that hard to eliminate the naxalite menace in just a few days.

As is always the case, un-necessary political pressures in the name of democracy is just adding to the mess.

Oh yes, whatever be the reasons for the origin of the naxalite menace, it is definitely not justified when they set out to massacre troops. Unless the government replies strongly, it will definitely send out a bad message.

Whatever happened to the tracing of mobile call and mobile signal from which Kishenji made the call to Chidambaram ?


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