28 January 2004

what a weekend ! trekked around 30km i conoor. man i must say i had a wonderful weekend after a loong time ! i shall post a detailed trip report some other time but for now head to http://photos.yahoo.com/raghuramthegreat to check out some snaps !
then checked out some really intresting places in coiambatore. there is a temple in a place called perur ( had a real bumpy ride to that place!) where there is a idol that has a ball inside its mouth ! now if you are not able to comprehend this or keep asking what is so great about this the thing is like this.there is an idol made of stone.it has a ball inside its mouth also made of stone.
now how did the ball come in its mouth ? think about it !
but unfortunately it is broken and hence locked up ! also supposedly the main idol grows out of the mountains !
and visited marudhamalai ! ya the same marudhamalai mentioned by mumtaz in her (in)famous dance !!
climed up for around 1000 steps to reach that temple.supposedly that temple was constructed by the devas themselves !
exams are up on saturday.so might get back with a detailed blog by around saturday !

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21 January 2004

so a travel is in the offing this week! planning to check out conoor and then attend my childhood friend's marriage.why do these ppl send invites to my house ? my parents are now presurising me to say yes to the girl searching process.
i am steadfast ! i need some more time to finish this degree of mine(so that along the course i may get to meet someone and choose her ? no probably not as no time for those things :-( )
and i didnt go for my guitar classes.what is happening to me ? must pull myself up and start attending guitar classes without fail ! then campus placements are starting here.rewind back 4 years before when i was also sitting for placements.the difference is that i was in a sense better prepared.the guys here poor chaps are slogging hard for their current subjects that they are finding it hard to prepare unlike we useless fellows who had all the time in the world to prepare ! anyway that is life !
then met one of my school juniors in the college gym.i must say all my school junta are really going places.good that the effort of our teachers is not going in vain !

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19 January 2004

blogging after almost a week is totally unacceptable ! i shall try to write a few lines everyday ! (no this is not a new year resolution ! :-) )
what did i do the past week ? ya ate some heavenly pongal ! can't help it i am a food monger to the core ! good food and i am game for it any day.then a few marriages are coming up this week and the weeks after that .thinking whether to attend or not.got loads of assignments to do.
and finally kudos to the indian team for beating aussies in their own turf after 12 years !
finally found out a place which teaches carnatic on guitar.hope to continue my lessons this time atleast ! i plan to go for my classes contoinously for atleast another 6 months.let me see.
i think i have to give up on my friend.no news for a real long time.almost a month.can't understand why people can't reply atleast to new year wishes.ok the moot point is if someone doesn't wish back is he/she a real friend.i would argue yes coz between good friends these things are trivial.

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10 January 2004

ho hum yet another case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.india did it again !
anyway intresting things happening with indian budget.
laptop is now duty free.if only i had waited for a few more months before getting in mine.i paid a duty of around 10k! :-(
anyway these things happen.
had a friends hangout in a restruant called road trip.nice one.though i didnt understand why the waiter spoke english with an american accent.what was he trying to convey ? anyway i am not bothered.food was pretty decent though.for five people we ended up paying around 1.8k which is pretty ok.
still on the lookout for someone to teach me to play the guitar.man supposedly in a land of carnatic musicians no one wants to be different.so sad so sad.
and then i am still trying to locate my friend.i am not sure why i am trying to do so.probably my friend is busy or has no time.but let me find out what it is before i erase the entry from my mailing addresses :-(

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07 January 2004

finally it has happened.though we could not win the series we did not get washed out 4-0.full credit to ganguly and his team for erasing the invincible tag of aussies.
i agree australia is a good team but getting their coach buchnan to lecture on things like team building and leadership is just a bit too much. !
anyway spent around 20 days in madras.boy that place has changed a lot since i left it !
spencer's plaza rocks i must say.and the attitude of people is also slowly chaning.but all said and done madras is,was and will always remain a city of contrasts !
then the music season was just too good.
managed to attend prasanna's concert sitting in the front row.man someday if i can play 1/10 of the way he is playing i would have achieved something !
now back to college fighting with compiler design issues !

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