30 July 2004

the big final is on sunday after india managed to squeak thru ! hope they learnt the lesson and be a bit more concentrated for the final.surprisingly after a long time i found the indian team on low spirits.cheep up team india.v r with u !
i did get my prkut membership thanks to raghav.thanks macchi.i shall remember u for a looong time 2 come !
then checked out neel restruant for dinner.man that place is definitely a bit pricey.a dinner for 3 including 2 starters and 2 side dishes and some rotis came to 300 per head.not recommended for those who are a bit watchful of their wallets.but a decent place though !
me gets back to full time job on monday.am i excited ? yes a li'l bit.
happy friendship to all you readers though i dont believe in these kind of days.my homepage count is now 2000 in around 1.5yrs .not bad i guess !

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27 July 2004

well preparations are underway to get back to full time job in really full swing.i checked out pearpc from http://pearpc.sourceforge.net.
a pretty decent software i must say !
ok.since i have more pressing matters on hand gotta go now.

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24 July 2004

circa 2001.Me and my group of friends are sitting in a restruant having dinner.During some talk i casually drop in a remark "There is a limit to unplanned growth.Someday the software companies will start moving out.I give it a time limit of maximum 5 years".The rest of the gang pass some sniggers and some totally refuse to believe it saying bangalore is the "city of the future".These thoughts obviously fueled by Radio city,a useless and worthless radio station, and times of india, a 16-ply toilet paper which calls itself a newspaper.
Today : July 24th 2004.The first of the movers start.Azim Premji after cribbing about the worthless and useless infrastructure decides to concentrate more on centers outside bangalore.Read all about it here.. Ok now that he has got the message when are the other companies going to get it ?
The reasons for this sudden move ? Well that will come in my next post.
And TCS is launching its IPO.I think i should try to get my hands on some of it.Let me see.
The big match is coming up and quite contrary to what the indian team is coach is giving out statements to media.not good at all.Hope they dont make a mess out of the match

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22 July 2004

phew ! back to blog after a week.its totally unacceptable.quite a few things have happened over the past week.
1. i was in madras attending the june rock out concert.nice to see such good things happening in my hometown.it just increases the yearning i have to go back and settle down there.
2. the karnataka budget was presented.for all the things there is no more mention of the falsely-glamourised word IT.good.when a agrarian economy like karnataka's is ravaged by drought they better concentrate on that instead of focussing on the IT bullshit.now when i am a s.w engg why should i rant like this ? ok more on this in my next post.
3. i sucessfully installed solaris9 for x86 inside vmware.the graphics is a bit shitty though but the true geek/nerd that i am i shall rectify this.
in another week from now i get back to the usual grind of being a s/w engg and trying to do some research.
somebody please save me :-(

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14 July 2004

oh my dear blog;
sorry i was away from you for a week.you see i had too many pressing matters on hand ! i had to attend a bachelors party of a very gud friend of mine gorge myself to death there and then there were simply too many things to take care of.so sorry.
ok now that i have apologized to my blog let me start off on something which i wanted to write about.i checked out a movie called relic.now that believe me ladies and gentleman is a very intresting movie on genetic mutation and other boilogical or shall i say biotechnological issue.now why am i getting intrested in biology per se ? u see in the corner of my mind/heart biology has always had a soft spot.a doctor's profession according to me is the most challenging one.everyday he gets to see different symptoms and that in my opinion is enough to give you the kicks.money ? well who can rival a doctor's tax free earnings ? ok so i took biology and i was also an aspiring doc to be but destiny willed otherwise ( ok i dont belive that you are what you want to be and more of that in some other post ).so here i am fighting it out with compilers and performance issues and other such details.
ok ok.now someday i hope i really hope that i would be able to do a phd that has some inclination towards biology.so let me hope that it does not remain a hope and gets translated into reality.
till then i hope to pen down some random ramblings like the above everyday

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07 July 2004

oh yeah ! greece won the euro.to be frank i predicted this when greece came back from behind to draw level against spain ! so greece has beaten portugal twice.once when it mattered the most and once in the league stages !
and someone asked me how i lived in madras.what a stupid question.its like asking someone how did you manage to live in your mother's womb.what a shit question.
madras, to put simply, is in my blood ! period.hot or whatever i love that place.
and of late i keep getting distracted from my research activities.that is not good ! hope i get back to finding my moorings !!
and ya i need to give links to my other blogger friends and the indian bloggers list too.procrastination.
and to think of i was a gym freak and now i have bunked gym for the past 2 days.i guess the anxiety and tension of getting back to my job and getting a gud hike once i join back is telling on me ! gotta do something about this !

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02 July 2004

My fav team greece upset chezhs after knocking down france . What are the lessons to learn from this victory that we can use in our everyday life ?
1. Play as a team.You may have some brilliant players but they all need to gel and make a good team.So learn to play as a team
2. Know your limitations.As i have been saying so many times before you must know your limitations.Greece knew that they dont have any sort of attacking capabilities hence they just defended and took one or two chances that they got and scored when it mattered the
most !
3. Most importantly there is no need to add glamour to whatever you do.The KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) policy will work always. People now crib that the greece didnt attack and their game does not have any flair. Whatever said the end result is : They WON.That is what matters. Whereever you are the end result is what matters and not the means to achieve the result.

Having said all that actually i expceted the chezs to make mincemeat of the greeks. As one fello wviewer put it 90 mins of a practise match ! It was anything but that.Good show greece.Hope you get to win the cup.

Now why am i supporting all kinds of underdogs ? I dont know ! I want unseeded Ancic to trash Andy roddick ! let us hope that happens too.
Then i am doing house hunting.My goodness houses cost the heaven in koramangala ! I prefer to stay there as it is a kind of midpoint from my office locations.
Well i guess more comes later !

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