18 October 2009

10 year old Surya in Aadhavan

The 10 year old Surya in Aadhavan is a major let-down. It is a fine example of what can go wrong with computer graphics.

1. The director should have removed the bushy eyebrows.
2. They should have at-least morphed a photograph of a 10 year old Surya and not a contemporary image.

Three reasons why Aadhavan is a must watch:

1. Vadivelu
2. VADIvelu

IMHO, he is any day better than Vivek, simply because of his body language.


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10 October 2009

Andhi Varum Neram

This is another of Illayaraja's rather un-noticed and an amazing composition. Just notice the soothing and amazing flute that comes out after the "Yedhedho mogham", and during the first charanam.

None of the instruments that are used throughout the song make you even think that they could have been synthesized. They just sound pure and original. I think that is why even after 25 long years, this song sound fresh.

Oh yes, once again, as was the case with so many stunning songs that Illayaraja produced, this one has a rather bad video. But hey, at a time when a radio was the dominant mode of getting to know the songs, did it really matter ?


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09 October 2009

ஆணியே புடுங்க வேண்டாம்

நீ புடுங்கற அணி எல்லாமே தேவை இல்லாத ஆணி தான் !!!!

Now that is comedy !!

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